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Clubnacht met OpenMindCollective


Word is out! 

Our first artis­tic gathering will hap­pen at Stel­plaats on April the 22nd!!!

14:00 – 19:00 we will expo­se art made by dif­fe­rent artists! The­re will also be an inter­ac­ti­ve art pie­ce that will be cre­a­ted by YOU!!! Eve­ry­bo­dy can add what they want

Artists will be announ­ced soon! The Art Expo is Free Entrance 

20:00 – 05:00 we will gui­de you through a night of music. Star­ting chill, get­ting groovy, ending fast paced, hea­vy dan­ce moves, ful­ly sweaty 

Expect A LOT of dif­fe­rent gen­res. Enter with an Open Mind

DJ’s will be announ­ced soon!

For the club night you will need an entran­ce ticket!

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