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Clubnacht met Trips & Falls


Clubnacht met Trips & Falls

The best things hap­pen by acci­dent, so let’s try some­thing out. Trips & Falls invi­tes you to stum­ble, fall, and stand up. Eve­ning into night into morning.A night out should be a small vaca­ti­on. So we aim for:

lon­ger club nights and days ツ
with easy begin­nings ツ
and long ! sets ツ


from seven pm to seven am

19h00 — 23h00 (Hall)
Drinks and lis­te­ning ses­si­ons by

Nina Welch…/nina-welch-kiosk-radio-14 – 10

de machi­ne draait…/victor-kiosk-radio-24 – 01-2023

Bring Your Own Food 


23h00 — 07h00 (Club)

Eeeex­ten­ded DJ sets by




Pre­sa­le: 10 EUR
Door sale: 10 EUR < 22H < 12 EUR
Tic­ket link > bit​.ly/​T​r​i​p​s​a​n​d​Falls

Short on money? Send us a mes­sa­ge via victor@​stelplaats.​be and let’s try to find a solution.


(( no discrimination ))

We do not tole­ra­te any form of exclu­si­o­na­ry beha­vi­our such as homop­ho­bia, racism, sexism, ableism, and so on.

(( know your limits ))

Be mind­ful of your own boun­da­ries. Drugs are prohibited.

(( yes ! ))

Always ask for con­sent. Only ja means yes means oui ツ

» Should you see or expe­rien­ce beha­vi­our that goes against the­se rules, plea­se noti­fy a mem­ber of our staff.


After 10pm > in = in — out = out
No cash — card pay­ments only.
Limi­ted amount of loc­kers available.

Elke maand stelt Stel­plaats haar deu­ren open voor jon­ge collectieven.

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