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Stel Tentoon #1 / Aurélie Bayad


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De gara­ge­poor­ten van Stel­plaats wor­den een blan­co can­vas voor klei­ne en gro­te kun­ste­naars. Hier­mee blik­ken we nos­tal­gisch terug naar de bele­ving die er voor de pan­de­mie raas­de door­heen Stel­plaats. De gara­ge­poor­ten zijn op die manier een reflec­tie van de jon­ge­ren hun leef­we­reld vandaag.

Aurelie Bayad

I am a visu­al artist, focus­sing on video, video per­for­man­ce, pho­to­grap­hy and instal­la­ti­on. In my art prac­ti­ce I ques­ti­on the self, the self in rela­ti­ons­hip to others and the rela­ti­ons­hip toward the com­pu­ter and soci­al media. I am very inte­rested in the depen­d­en­cy that inter­net cre­a­tes and how peo­p­le are dea­ling with it. But also how one can cre­a­te a com­ple­te dif­fe­rent self onli­ne , rein­vent one’s life and how to model it. I am also fas­ci­na­ted by the noti­on of voy­eu­rism and exhi­bi­ti­o­nism, how both coha­bit together, espe­ci­al­ly when tal­king about the onli­ne space.

In my prac­ti­ce I aim to reve­al the un reve­a­la­ble. The dir­ty and raw, the things that one does not want to show. I go against the ten­d­en­cy of having eve­ry­thing beau­ti­ful and neat and glos­sy, becau­se i find that the­re is way much more beau­ty in authen­ti­ci­ty and dir­ti­ness. My goal is to shed a light and make tho­se dir­ty things beau­ti­ful, to high­light them. I am fas­ci­na­ted by tex­tu­res and objects that are not usu­al­ly con­si­de­red beau­ti­ful (such as slime) and i make them beautiful.

zomerresident broeiplaats

I am now fas­ci­na­ted by the dif­fe­rent sys­tems of beliefs but espe­ci­al­ly the ones rela­ted to cult and fol­lo­wings. I also am very fas­ci­na­ted by the noti­on of giving and recei­ving and what it entails. Rea­ding the essay of Mar­cel Mauss on the gift I got very fas­ci­na­ted by the idea that actu­al­ly all acti­ons that have the aim to give is in fact moti­va­ted by the fact that they will recei­ve back at some point of life. And recei­ving some­thing obli­ges you in a way to give back, not for­ce­ful­ly to that same per­son but to some­o­ne. It puts you in a cir­cle of give and take.

In rela­ti­ons­hip to cult, i found it extre­me­ly inte­res­ting how peo­p­le cre­a­te onli­ne cult and are able to devo­te them­sel­ves to a belief in hope that they will recei­ve some­thing back in the end. Nowa­days I have the fee­ling peo­p­le are immersing them­sel­ves more and more into soci­al media, fol­lo­wing peo­p­le and sen­ding mes­sa­ges in hope of fee­ling vali­da­ted by the com­mu­ni­ty or by other peo­p­le. I want to stu­dy this. This fee­ling of lone­li­ness but also of emo­ti­o­nal sur­ren­der to a com­ple­te stran­ger which is the internet.

After tal­king with seve­r­al peo­p­le I star­ted to rela­te this noti­on to black holes, so now I am researching emo­ti­o­nal black holes in rela­ti­ons­hip to soci­al media and cults. I want to be able to devel­op this idea and cre­a­te a video and instal­la­ti­on about this theme.

»> Gelie­ve de coro­na maat­re­ge­len en richt­lij­nen ter plaat­se te vol­gen en te res­pec­te­ren. Het dra­gen van een mond­mas­ker is verplicht.

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